Virginia Musical Museum & Music Hall of Fame


John Clark the Affiliate Relation Director for the Virginia News Network will interview Buddy Parker the President of the Virginia Musical Museum and the Music Hall of Fame. On March 23-24 the interview will be aired on 32 radio stations across the State. The markets, stations and local air time are listed below. This is a good time to learn about one of the best museums in Williamsburg.

Virginia Focus Public Affairs Program Affiliates

Call Letters Frequency Market Local Air Time

WHAN-AM 1430 Ashland 6:00pm/Sun

WHAN-FM 102.9 Ashland 6:00pm/Sun

WAMV-AM 1429 Amherst 7:30am/Sun

WBBC-FM 93.5 Blackstone

WKLV-AM 1440 Blackstone

WDIC-AM 1430 Dickenson 1:00pm/Sat

WDIC-FM 92.1 Dickenson 1:00pm/Sat

WXGM-AM 1420 Glouchester 6:00am/Sat

WXGM-FM 99.1 Glouchester 6:00am/Sat

WKCY-AM 1300 Harrisonburg 7:00am/Sun ih

WKCY-FM 107.9 Harrisonburg 7:00am/Sun ih

WHEE-AM 1370 Martinsville 2:00pm/Sat

WMVA-AM 1450 Martinsville 2:00pm/Sat

WOWI-FM 102.9 Norfolk 6:00am/Sun ih

WNOH-FM 105.3 Norfolk 7:00am/Sun ih

WMOV-FM 107.7 Norfolk 7:00am/Sun ih

WHBT-FM 92.1 Norfolk 6:30am/Sun ih

WESR-AM 1330 Onley-Onancock 7:30am/Sat

WESR-FM 105.7 Onley-Onancock 7:30am/Sat

WBLB-AM 1340 Pulaski 12:05pm/Sat

WRVA-AM 1140 Richmond 5:30am & 9:00pm/Sun

WRVA-FM 96.1 Richmond 5:30am & 9:00pm/Sun

WRTZ-AM 1410 Roanoke 9:00am/Sun

WYDD-FM 104.7 Roanoke 7:00am/Sun – bi weekly ih

WROV-FM 96.3 Roanoke 6:00am/Sun – bi weekly ih

WSFF-FM 106.1 Roanoke 6:00am/Sun – bi weekly ih

WSNV-FM 93.5 Roanoke 6:00am/Sun – bi weekly ih

WJJS-FM 104.9 Roanoke 6:00am/Sun – bi weekly ih

WJJX-FM 102.7 Roanoke 6:00am/Sun – bi weekly ih

WHEO-AM 1270 Stuart 8:30am/Fri

WKCI-AM 970 Waynesboro 7:00am/Sun

32 Affiliates as of 3/1/19

No current events 

Check back soon for more details about our upcoming benefit concert in September 2018.